Korova is a young electronic duo based in Rome and made by Luca Filardo and Alessandro Fusaroli . The project starts in the 2008 and gets its name from the famous bar in Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange : an odd babylon with a proper cult for the psychedely . These are both influence and spirit design their mental , throbbing , psychedelic and deeply dark sound . Their musical evolution wisely filters d…ark and industrial techno influences coming along all northern Europe and arrives to a massive production releasing on Labrynth , M_Rec Digital , Newrythmic , Subsequent and finally on vinyl on Raw Waxes and soon on their own label Shades . Korova perform their own livesets by laptops and they really take care about the dancefloor . That’s why they’ve been resident since 2010 of GLUCOSE , the famous techno event based in Rome with the most undergroud and rebel heirlooms



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